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reduce a sports injury with Akridge & Akridge chiropractic.

Pro Athletes Reduce Injuries with Chiropractic Care | Akridge & Akridge

Pro football players rely on chiropractic care.

“After a typical Sunday game, massage therapists and a chiropractor are available for players on Monday and then again Friday. The recovery room is always open and sometimes is the location of meetings to help a player relax and not hunch over a desk while watching film.”

prevent sports injuries at Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic's Elkhorn office

Click here to learn more about how the Washington Redskins incorporate chiropractic care to reduce injuries.

Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic offers many of the same treatments and therapies that have helped the Redskins reduce their injuries.

Whether you need treatment for an existing injury or want to take a more proactive approach to prevent problems, chiropractic care can help.

Give our Elkhorn office a call for the same treatment that the professionals rely on!