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What to Expect During Your Chiropractic Service

Chiropractic service is an alternative approach to health care. According to Unnus, three out of four people use a chiropractor for care, and nearly 80% report the treatment as very effective. If you have never been to a chiropractor, you may be concerned about what to expect at your first visit. Here are a few things you can expect.


A Health History Interview

When you arrive for your first chiropractic service, you’ll have a healthcare interview. Either the chiropractor or the assistant will take a health history from you. A health history is necessary to ensure that you get the personalized care that you deserve. A chiropractor is meant to help you achieve your wellness goals; they help you by evaluating your health history, lifestyle, and any issues you are currently trying to work through. A chiropractor treats the whole person, not just the symptoms or the area of concern.


Diagnostic Testing

During your first visit the chiropractor may decide that, to get a better understanding of your current health, diagnostic testing is necessary. For example, you may have to have x-rays or blood work completed. The diagnostic tools that a chiropractor uses will likely be familiar to you because they are the same diagnostic testing tools that other doctors use.



Your first chiropractic service appointment will also include a complete exam. Your weight, height, and vital signs will be recorded. The chiropractor will likely examine your spine, your gait, and more to get a full picture of what treatments will be best for you.

Chiropractors use a range of treatment modalities to help their patients reach total wellness. The exam is an important feature of your first appointment because the chiropractor will be able to detect any anomalies that need to be corrected. Many people don’t realize that their hip pain, head pain, and other aches and pains have nothing to do with that specific body part but are a symptom of another problem. A chiropractor is highly trained in recognizing the root causes of health problems.


Chiropractic care is focused on total wellness, not just treating symptoms. The chiropractor will work with you to find ways to help you reach your wellness goals, and it all starts with that first appointment. Give us a call at Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic to book your appointment today.

Elkhorn Chiropractor

Ask the Doctors: Plantar Fasciitis

If when you step out of bed in the morning, you experience sharp pains in your foot, particularly your heel, you could have plantar fasciitis.

The whole body is connected so sometimes, this can be caused by low back issues, hip issues, or other areas of the body.

Watch Dr. Lacey explain more here and then give us a call at 402-884-4774 for a total body assessment and let us help you Live Better!

Elkhorn Chiropractor

Car Accidents

Did you know it takes a change in speed of as little as 2.5mph to cause bodily injury?

You have a 72 hour window after an accident to catch any musculosketal issues before they start to set in. It’s never too late to start repairing the damage, but the sooner we catch it, the better.

We see patients experiencing pain and they don’t know why. After a series of questions, they mention a car accident from years prior and they didn’t think anything of it. They ask if it could be the cause and most likely, it is.

Your body makes adjustments to compensate for trauma and eventually, it can’t compensate anymore and those old injuries rear their ugly head

Watch this short video to learn more. If you’ve experienced a car accident, fall, any sudden change in speed from an activity, give us a call at 402-884-4774 and let us help you Live Better!

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Preparing Your Workstation for Better Ergonomics and Less Pain

Elkhorn Chiropractor

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen more patients come into our office with pain due to changing work ergonomics. Any change in your work ergonomics can trigger pain throughout your body. When it comes from working at home, we suggest that you set up an ergonomic workstation.

Oftentimes, patients who work from home find themselves working from their kitchen table. This places the screen at a lower angle, causing neck issues. Or if you make it so the screen is at eye level (as it should be), then the keyboard is too high.

Patients who transition between working at home and working at their office find this to be problematic as well, causing pain. Your body is constantly adapting to different chair, keyboard and screen heights. Since the start of the pandemic we have seen more than 100 patients who are experiencing similar circumstances.

It may take some time for you to notice issues that arise due to workstationergonomics because the strain is gradual and builds over time. Common pain points we see are headaches, tightness between the shoulder blades and lower back pain. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, give us a call. We can identify the issue and work to help you set up a workstation that is more ergonomic. Learn more from Dr. Lacey about how poor ergonomics affects the body here.

As an added courtesy, we invite our patients to bring in a picture of their workstation for recommendations. We have even written notes for our patients to have a sit-to-stand desk covered by their employer.

Becoming More Resilient

Maintenance care is a critical part of patient care at Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic. Oftentimes when a patient comes in, they’re experiencing some sort of pain event. Whether acute or chronic, many of our patients are placed on a treatment plan to ensure that they experience rehabilitation and recovery.

After a patient recovers from their pain event, we recommend our patients continue with maintenance care. Maintenance care is designed to protect and prevent your body from experiencing the pain that likely brought you into our office and is individualized for each patient.

Why do we need maintenance care? Think of the pain as a pot of water – max pain is the pot boiling over. Once we get the boil under control, we work to keep it at a low simmer – that’s what maintenance care helps with.

At Akridge & Akridge, we believe that each person should receive care personalized to their life. Regardless of what circumstances you may find yourself in, our maintenance care exists to help prevent future pain or injury by helping your body become more resilient, in turn, helping you Live Better! To schedule an appointment or for more information, call us at us at 402-884-4774.