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Pinpointing Pain


Many patients who experience a painful injury try to pinpoint it to a recent event. They try to think of something specific they did that caused them to wake up in pain. However, more often than not, it was likely multiple little things that add up over time and one day peak in intense pain.

A comparable analogy would be a cavity. When you finally get a cavity, you don’t think it was the result of eating one particular piece of candy. It was usually caused by small actions over time. Similarly, it’s repeated events that you don’t notice causing an issue until they reach their breaking point and cause enough pain that you need to come in.

Through our in-depth assessments, we’re able to help patients identify old sports injuries, car accidents, daily repetitive motions or other events that may be a contributing factor to the pain you’re experiencing.

Although our minds may have forgotten all of the events that our bodies incur, our bodies have not. We’re here to help your body become more resilient and to help you Live Better. Schedule an appointment today at 402.884.4774!

Sitting for Extended Periods of Time

Sitting For Extended Periods of Time

Sitting for extended periods of time has become more common, especially with people staying home more often due to the pandemic. In our patient population, patients that have a higher risk of sitting for extended periods of time are in jobs that require driving, travel or those who are now working from home. The first step to minimizing pain is understanding that sitting for extended periods of time without movement is a culprit.

Everything about us is designed to move. When we don’t move, we experience pain and discomfort. When we do move, we increase mobility in our hips and cause movement throughout the spine. Movement also benefits our cardiovascular system, among other systems throughout our bodies.

After about 20 minutes of a sustained posture, our bodies determine what muscles are needed to sustain that posture. Research shows that frequent “micro” breaks are better for our bodies rather than taking less frequent, longer breaks. We suggest standing, stretching or walking every 20 minutes to reset your body and those muscles that are holding your posture.

Remember, we are not designed to sit, we are designed to move. If you find yourself in situations where you’re unable to move around frequently, you’re more than likely going to need some type of care and our office is here to help! For more information, call us today at 402.884.4774 or click here schedule an appointment today!

Life After Injury

Life After Injury

With a new year comes new routines. Especially around this time of year, we see patients who begin the new year with new fitness goals. However, after a few weeks into their new routine, they experience an injury.

Before you start a new fitness program, come in and get assessed by one of our doctors. We can help prevent injuries before they happen by helping you identify areas of concern. This will help prevent injury and set your new fitness routine up for success!

If you have already experienced an injury, we can also help get you back on track, allowing you to start moving again with less or no pain. Our team of highly trained doctors will help you work towards continuing on in your fitness journey.

Although each patient is different, we have found that many of our patients are able to continue their new fitness program as long as the injury or discomfort is mild. Our doctors can discuss various options for treatment, assess the risk of re-injury, and rehabilitate your injury – with the ultimate goal of helping you Live Better. Schedule an appointment today and let us help you Live Better in the New Year!

The Exasperated Patient


Are you trying to find solutions to help the pain in your body but experiencing little to no success? Have you tried chiropractic and didn’t experience the results you’d hoped for? Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? Searching for answers on your own can be exhausting.

At Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic, we’re here to help you Live Better. We have been in practice for eleven years and our doctors share more than 30 years of combined clinical experience. With our network of providers, we’re even able to refer you to other medical professionals that can help you on your journey to living pain free.

One of the ways that we can help is by identifying aspects of your life that may be causing pain. This can prevent future pain and helps you develop strategies to prevent further injury. Start the journey today by scheduling a free 10 minute consultation. We can save you time and energy and jumpstart your journey toward Living Better.

Working at home may lead to back, neck pain

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen more patients come into our office with pain due to changing work ergonomics. Any change in your work ergonomics can trigger pain throughout your body. When it comes from working at home, we suggest that you set up an ergonomic workstation.

Oftentimes, patients who work from home find themselves working from their kitchen table. This places the screen at a lower angle, causing neck issues. Or if you make it so the screen is at eye level (as it should be), then the keyboard is too high.

Patients who transition between working at home and working at their office find this to be problematic as well, causing pain. Your body is constantly adapting to different chair, keyboard and screen heights. Since the start of the pandemic we have seen more than 100 patients who are experiencing similar circumstances.

It may take some time for you to notice issues that arise due to workstation ergonomics because the strain is gradual and builds over time. Common pain points we see are headaches, tightness between the shoulder blades and lower back pain. If you're experiencing any of these issues, give us a call. We can identify the issue and work to help you set up a workstation that is more ergonomic.

As an added courtesy, we invite our patients to bring in a picture of their workstation for recommendations. We have even written notes for our patients to have a sit-to-stand desk covered by their employer.

You shouldn't have to live with pain. Let us help you live better!