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Sitting for Extended Periods of Time

Sitting For Extended Periods of Time

Sitting for extended periods of time has become more common, especially with people staying home more often due to the pandemic. In our patient population, patients that have a higher risk of sitting for extended periods of time are in jobs that require driving, travel or those who are now working from home. The first step to minimizing pain is understanding that sitting for extended periods of time without movement is a culprit.

Everything about us is designed to move. When we don’t move, we experience pain and discomfort. When we do move, we increase mobility in our hips and cause movement throughout the spine. Movement also benefits our cardiovascular system, among other systems throughout our bodies.

After about 20 minutes of a sustained posture, our bodies determine what muscles are needed to sustain that posture. Research shows that frequent “micro” breaks are better for our bodies rather than taking less frequent, longer breaks. We suggest standing, stretching or walking every 20 minutes to reset your body and those muscles that are holding your posture.

Remember, we are not designed to sit, we are designed to move. If you find yourself in situations where you’re unable to move around frequently, you’re more than likely going to need some type of care and our office is here to help! For more information, call us today at 402.884.4774 or click here schedule an appointment today!