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Becoming More Resilient

Maintenance care is a critical part of patient care at Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic. Oftentimes when a patient comes in, they’re experiencing some sort of pain event. Whether acute or chronic, many of our patients are placed on a treatment plan to ensure that they experience rehabilitation and recovery.

After a patient recovers from their pain event, we recommend our patients continue with maintenance care. Maintenance care is designed to protect and prevent your body from experiencing the pain that likely brought you into our office and is individualized for each patient.

Why do we need maintenance care? Think of the pain as a pot of water – max pain is the pot boiling over. Once we get the boil under control, we work to keep it at a low simmer – that’s what maintenance care helps with.

At Akridge & Akridge, we believe that each person should receive care personalized to their life. Regardless of what circumstances you may find yourself in, our maintenance care exists to help prevent future pain or injury by helping your body become more resilient, in turn, helping you Live Better! To schedule an appointment or for more information, call us at us at 402-884-4774.