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Don't let pain keep you from living your best life.
Call us today and let us help you Live Better!


ride the waves. . .

Whether your dream is to


to make a difference each day.

to feel good enough to be able

Or it's as simple as just wanting


skydive. . .

Whether your dream is to

Play with kids

to play with your kids.

Or you just want to have the energy

Weight lifting

be a power lifter. . .

Whether your dream is to


strength to stay in shape.

Or you just want to have the

At Akridge & Akridge, we know what it's like to have pain or injuries
slow you down and keep you from living the life of your dreams.

Most of our patients don't dream of being in the X-Games. But if they do,
pain shouldn't be the reason they can't.

Even if your dream is just to feel good so you can experience
life's everyday joys, have energy and not be restricted by pain,
let us help you Live Better!

Akridge & Akridge Chiropractic


Why is chiropractic care beneficial?

We restore joint function and support the nervous system to help our patients maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary surgery or drugs.

Why Akridge & Akridge?

We are Bellevue chiropractors and Elkhorn chiropractors serving the Omaha metro area.

We work to understand your specific situation, how you live and what might be affecting you. Then we offer customized solutions for your long-term health goals. No one-size-fits-all treatments here!


You shouldn't have to live with pain. Let us help you Live Better!

Headaches aren't normal
but we can help

Any pain in the body isn’t normal. If you have a headache more than three times per month, that is considered chronic and needs to be assessed. There is an underlying cause.

Approximately 80% or more of headaches are tension-type headaches. Relieving that tension, such as via a chiropractic adjustment, relaxes the muscles and therefore, relieves the headache.

Give us a call. We are your Bellevue and Elkhorn chiropractors here to help you Live Better!

Akridge Chiropractic treats chronic headaches


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