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Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Try a technique called “progressive muscular relaxation” to help you unwind.

Progressive muscular relaxation involves slowly tensing and then relaxing each muscle in your body. The goal is to help you recognize when your body begins to tense up and you’ll in turn have a better ability to return back to a relaxed state. 

Here’s how to do it: 

☑️ Lie flat on your back in a comfortable position. 

☑️  Begin by maximally tensing your toes and then over the course of about 15 seconds progressively and completely contract the muscles in your feet, legs, thighs, pelvis, core, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, face, and head. 

☑️ Continue to breathe normally throughout this process. 

☑️ After all of the muscles in your body are tense, take one large, deep cleansing breath, and allow the tension to fall from your body into a state of total relaxation. 

☑️ Take several normal breaths from your belly and repeat. This exercise is particularly useful as a pre-bedtime routine.