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Take care of your back while on vacation

It’s great to pack up the family and take a vacation. Everyone can benefit from the break in routine and exploring something new.

Whether you travel by car, plane, boat or motorcycle, your back doesn’t get a break from work. It just has to adjust to different surroundings, activities and schedules.

If you have back problems, here are some tips for traveling with a bad back.
Vacation Eiffel Tower

  • Check with your chiropractor to make sure your activities will be safe for your back. A trip to the amusement park or mountain climbing may not be the best ideas.
  • Bring along your heating pad, ice bag and other tools for pain relief.
  • Use luggage with wheels and handles that can be pulled easily through an airport or into a hotel room.
  • During a long ride on a plane or train, move around as much as possible. Walk up and down the aisles.
  • If you’re going by car, stop as needed for quick breaks to stretch your back and legs.
  • Pace yourself. Don’t wear yourself out by doing too many things in a day. It might be better to enjoy fewer things and remain pain-free.
  • Don’t be afraid to try. One of our patients was able to climb 300 steps on a spiral staircase to reach the observation deck at a church. She took her time, rested as needed, and persisted until she got to the top.

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