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Parents, don’t swing kids by their arms

It’s easy and fun: You’re playing with your child, and to add to the fun, you grab their arms and swing them around. You child squeals in delight!

As kids, we loved it. As parents or siblings or aunts and uncles, we’ve all done it. But there’s a better way to swing your kids.

Trainer Kelly Starrett at Mobility MOD in San Francisco explains:

“The message is simple: If you feel the need to swing your kids around by the arms, make sure that they are holding onto you – not the other way around.  Your kid’s grip strength or lack thereof is a protective feedback mechanism that keeps the tissues at the wrist, elbow and shoulders safe.  If you circumvent this circuit breaker, you potentially risk some gnarly downstream repercussions.”

Starrett explains the mechanics in this video:

Parents, don't swing your kids by the arms

So if you still want to roughhouse with the kids, pick them up by the armpits and swing them, not their arms.

“You guard your precious shoulder capacities. Why would you challenge your kids’ tissues in the name of cheap fun?” Starrett says.

“Besides, you can still swing your kids around by the armpits till they vomit.  The tissues of their upper limbs will thank you.”

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